Bachelor of Science in
Air Traffic Management

Air Traffic Control

The Air Traffic Management (ATM) program is a degree designed for students whose goal is to achieve employment in air traffic control or a related field. The ATM academic courses are designed to provide exposure to procedures and operations consistent with those found in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) air traffic control facilities. The curriculum also provides broad knowledge and skills in mathematics, physics, communications, safety, meteorology, and aeronautics. Graduates of this program generally have excellent employment opportunities after graduation.

According to the FAA, the median annual wage for air traffic control specialists was $127,805 in 2016. In addition to high salaries, air traffic control specialists receive excellent benefits that include a variety of insurance, retirement, leave, and flexible spending options for employees and their families. The FAA is projected to hire over twelve thousand new controllers over the next seven to ten years.

ERAU is one of several FAA-approved Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) schools in the United States that partners with the FAA to prepare students for careers as air traffic controllers.  Graduates of ERAU's AT-CTI program are eligible to bypass portions of the FAA’s air traffic pre-employment tests, as well as the Air Traffic Basics Course which takes place during the first five weeks of qualification training at the FAA Air Traffic Control Academy. 

The Bachelor of Science in Air Traffic Management degree is housed in the Department of Applied Aviation Sciences in the College of Aviation.

Note: The University cannot guarantee selection or employment as an air traffic controller for students completing the Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) program because selection of FAA air traffic controllers for admittance to the FAA Academy and a follow-on assignment as an air traffic controller is done strictly at the discretion of the FAA and based upon staffing needs.

Degree Requirements

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