College of Security & Intelligence Industry Advisory Board

Professional Advisory Board members are chosen from among current and former security and intelligence professionals from industry and government. The College of Security and Intelligence relies on these individuals for advice and suggestions related to its curricular and extra-curricular programs at the undergraduate and graduate level. The board meets once a year to be briefed and to comment on the current state of our programs, including pressing questions in the fields of security and intelligence studies.

Recent members include:

Bob Baker
Former USAF Office of Special Investigations

Mark Chase
NXP / Freescale

Colleen Ferranti

David Dunn
US Ambassador, retired

Joe Lohmeier

John McGrath
Raytheon Missile Systems

Jay Morgan
USAF Colonel, retired

Jeff Silver

Rod Smith
CIA counterintelligence, retired

Thomas Trask
USAF Lt. General SOCOM, retired

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