College of Engineering

VEX Robotics

Contact Information

Dr. Joel Schipper

Assistant Professor

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Work: 928-777-4205


Dr. Joe Woong Yeol

Assistant Professor

Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering

Work: 928-777-6645


VEX Robotics Competitions include regional and international level events sponsored by several companies, including Micro-chip, NASA, and AUTODESK. Each year the challenge changes, and this year the teams must transport 5 inch sacks into 3 different scoring zones. The scoring zone locations include designated areas on the ground, a trough 15 inches above the ground, and a small platform 30 inches above the ground.

To solve this challenge ERAU’s VEX Robotics team spent most of the fall semester designing conceptually. In early January, construction began on two competition robots designed to work in tandem. The main approach was to brainstorm ideas, and then compare them to ones  found online. This allowed for a successful design process and helping to improve existing ideas.

Kellie Wallace (President), Bryan Rhodes (Vice-President), Geoffery Winship, and David Krantz will be competing at a regional competition at Arizona State University on March 2, 2013. With a successful regional competition, they will compete at the Worlds competition in California in April. Their mentors are Joel Schipper and Joe Yeol.