College of Engineering

Eaglesat Solar Power

The goal of this project is to research, design, build, test, and implement solar panels to fly on the ERAU Eaglesat Cubesat. The research phase consisted of several parts. First, the research was finding the options that could used to create the system, from commercially manufactured products to completely custom system. After the initial rejection of systems that were unreasonable for Eaglesat, a trade study was conducted on the best suited alternatives. The results were that the design would be a custom design.
     The design is such that many small solar cells will be attached to a printed circuit board, which suffices as the electrical and physical attachment to the satellite. The cells on the panel are connected in series to create great enough voltage for efficient operation of the Electronic Power System that is being supplied with the solar power.
     The project is currently at the end of the design phase and will be beginning the testing phase in the spring semester. Preparing for:   NASA Cubesat Launch Initiative

Student Team Lead: Darin Baker
Faculty Mentors:   Dr. Ron Madler, Dr. Gary Yale, Mr. Jack Crabtree