College of Engineering

Eagle Aerospace Rockets

Contact Information

Dr. Mike Fabian

Associate Professor

Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering

Work: 928-777-3824


Eagle Aerospace is a group of students united in the pursuit of creating high power rockets to compete in inter-collegiate competitions. We are currently planning on competing in the IREC competition held every June in Green River Utah. The main objective is to send a ten pound payload to an altitude of 10,000ft and return safely. Eagle Aerospace is comprised of mainly engineering students but is open to all disciplines and grade levels. Members gain experience in the basics of high power rocketry as well as working with materials such as carbon fiber and fiber glass while making new friends. The club is always looking for a new challenge and intends to enter into a competition aiming for 25,000ft next year.

Student Members:  Christian Phillips (President), Taylor Knight (Vice-President), Paulo Chan (Secretary), Jacob Waitman, Stephen Hahn, Jenn Transue, Demi Vis, Mike Gallante, Tristan Hieronymus, Nick James, Alex Noyes, Peter Davidson, Alex Mangum

Mentor: Dr. Fabian