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Rhondale Tso - Gravitational Lensing Project

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Rhondale Tso

2012 Graduate

Space Physics


I have been involved in a theoretical gravitational lensing/light bending project designed to test Lorentz symmetry, a symmetry assumed by Albert Einstein in his formulation of general relativity. The project has been an application of a theory known amongst many physicists as Lorentz symmetry breaking to a phenomenon known as gravitational lensing, an effect predicted by the theory of general relativity with its first observation catapulting Einstein to fame.

My work has shown that Einstein's famous light-bending prediction would be slightly modified and could depend on an observer’s (or source’s) orientation in the sky, if Lorentz symmetry is violated. Analysis of past and future observations, along with an analysis of sensitivities for these observations, will allow direct test of this modified deflection angle. If such deviations were detected they would tell us something about an, as yet unknown, unified theory of physics.

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Quentin Bailey Dr. Quentin Bailey

Associate Professor


Dr. Quentin Bailey is currently focused on the theoretical and experimental aspects of testing Lorentz symmetry, the spacetime symmetry of Special Relativity.