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Items of interest in this area include the evolution of stars; the large-scale structure of galaxies; the search for dark matter (e.g., black holes, massive neutrinos, and exotic particles); and unusual compact objects such as pulsars, quasars, and magnetars. The physics and use of modern observational techniques (e.g., radio, infrared, and optical telescopes, long baseline interferometers, gravitational wave detectors, etc.) will also be covered.  Astronomy students are able to utilize the University telescope to conduct research of their own.


Brian Rachford Dr. Brian Rachford

Associate Professor, Observatory Director


Dr. Brian Rachford is an astrophysicist who specializes in research on stars and the interstellar medium.

Nicholas Devereux Dr. Nicholas Devereux

Associate Professor


The best galaxies are the nearby ones because they are the largest and brightest.