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Department of Physics

The Department of Physics provides a student oriented, close-knit and friendly atmosphere in which to study the fundamental laws of nature and their application to the exploration of the universe around us. 

  • The Department of Physics administers the Bachelor of Science in Space Physics which prepares students for careers in science and aerospace, and for graduate programs in physics and astronomy/astrophysics. The Space Physics program is a rigorous physics program with a strong emphasis on space-related topics including: Astronomy, Optics, Remote Sensing, Particle physics, and Cosmology.
  • In addition to the Space Physics program, the Department of Physics will begin offering a Bachelor of Science degree in astronomy, beginning in 2013.

A driving philosophy of the program is to make physics something you "do."  Most Space Physics students must complete an individual year-long senior thesis research project during their senior year (in an area of their choice). Past students have completed exciting projects in all the areas of physics mentioned above and some have collaborated with our Aerospace Engineering faculty to pursue additional topics such as non-chemical spacecraft propulsion, rocket design etc. Also, many students do not want to wait until their senior year to engage in undergraduate research and all the faculty are excited to work with motivated students to do research in their areas of expertise. For those students engaging in such undergraduate research, it is a rewarding experience that also helps them choose their future careers and is often critical in obtaining entry to competitive graduate programs.

In short, the Space Physics program provides a broad-based physics education with an emphasis on space. It provides students with highly competitive analytical and laboratory-based research skills that place our students well to embark on careers in physics, astronomy and related fields.