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Humanities and Communication

Humanities & Communication

The Department of Humanities and Communications fulfills its mission of providing educational breadth, cross-cultural experiences, foundational instruction in critical reading, writing, and thinking, and disciplinary specific instruction in written and verbal communication. Course offering include film, art history, creative writing, rhetoric, world literature, mythology, public speaking, technical writing, regional studies, folklore studies, travel literature, philosophy, and values and ethics.

In addition to offering these general education courses, the department houses the campus' Study Abroad program, the Honors program, several language programs (including Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese), and the campus' award-winning newspaper, Horizons.

The faculty of the department of Humanities and Communications also sponsor a guest lecture series featuring world-renowned humanists and scientists, providing students the opportunity to engage world-class thinkers in discussion and debate. They also provide students multiple opportunities for applied learning, whether through work-study programs, service learning projects, music recitals, creative writing seminars, or campus-wide presentations.