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Dr. Leeann Chen

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Humanities & Communication

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Tarek Mahmoud

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Dr. Jose Ninawanka

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Prescott campus continues to develop a dynamic series of strategic foreign language offerings in Mandarin Chinese, Modern Arabic, and Spanish. Students can take these languages during the regular semesters. Minors, study abroad programs, and other opportunities are available. Dr. Leeann Chen is the Foreign Language Coordinator. 


Embry-Riddle Prescott offers a 4 semesters (12 credit hours) course of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which is the language of all official forms of communication and media throughout the Arab world. In LAR 101 to LAR 202 MSA is taught with introductions to some of the most commonly understood dialects in the Arab world. Throughout the MSA course, the cultural aspect of Arabic is integrated in the course materials and students learn and gain information about the cultural aspect of the Arab world. Language and cultural are two sides of the same coin and you can’t teach one without the other.

Students have the opportunity to study abroad during the summer, where they immerse in one of the Arab countries, learn MSA, experience the culture with all of its aspects and earn summer credits upon completion of the summer program.  

Mandarin Chinese

Embry-Riddle offers Mandarin Chinese language courses through the intermediate level II. Mandarin Chinese courses are offered as 3 credit courses (LCH101-LCH302) as well as accelerated 6 credit courses (LCH103-LCH303).

Prescott also offers a Chinese Track within the B.S. in Global Security & Intelligence Studies. This degree program incorporates 45 credits of courses taught in Chinese including language courses, a 3-month summer study in China, general education courses, and specialized courses in global intelligence and security studies. Weekly cultural activities and field trips are part of the program. The program is ROTC friendly in that ROTC courses count as part of the curriculum in the junior and senior year GSIS/Chinese. There is also language incentive pay for qualifying courses as well. Please check with Air Force ROTC and Army ROTC. A language aptitude test is also available.


The Prescott campus offers 4 semesters (12 credits) of Spanish language. Courses also include lessons on the history, culture, and politics of countries where Spanish is spoken as a first language. 

Spanish is the world's second most common language, after Mandarin Chinese and before English, in terms of the number of first language speakers. At least 37 million people in the United States alone use Spanish as their first language. Although Spanish speakers are concentrated in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, it is also spoken in countries across the globe like Equatorial Guinea, Africa.