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Embry-Riddle Flight Training: To Be The Best, Start At The Top

The Very Best Training Yields The Very Best Pilots

Long-term success means more than being the best at what you do. It means a commitment to performance excellence. It means honing an ever-expanding skill set with a passion to consistently perform above expectations. Keeping your skills on the leading edge of performance and technology – that is the way of Embry-Riddle. Our graduates can expect to enter the job market career-ready and confident, with an unmatched skill set. Being the best is good; being the best is Embry-Riddle.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona delivers a comprehensive four-year aviation degree that has become the industry-wide standard in aviation excellence. Embry-Riddle has educated and trained one in four airline pilots in the US--a staggering statistic. Embry-Riddle graduates go on to become aviation industry leaders: chief pilots, heads of flight standards, corporate vice presidents, military heroes, and astronauts. Our Intercollegiate Flight Team, the Golden Eagles, are eight-time national champions.

A culture of safety

We don’t just train pilots. We empower problem solvers. Embry-Riddle pilots are trained to handle themselves and overcome adversity in the worst situations. Our cross-wind trainer and simulators are among our training resources for testing scenarios and developing skills that will help prepare you for the most challenging and intense flight conditions. Passionate flight instructors prioritize safety and help you develop responsible flying techniques to create a hands-on, incident-free learning environment.

Our Prescott Campus offers some of the best training conditions in the nation, with a fleet of aircraft that are put through every possible trial, from weather to terrain. The fleet is serviced every 50 hours, more frequently than any independent flight school. Our campus is also home to a new aviation safety lab, Safety and Aviation Archives, and the largest University crash investigation lab in the nation.

Are you ready to be best? Are you ready for Embry-Riddle?

If you like what you have read, then it might be time to climb into the cockpit and let your new aviation career take off! If you are ready to accept the demands of the most rigorous and focused flight training program in the nation and join the ranks of aviation’s elite, then you belong here. Prescott, Arizona will become your home among people like yourself who are driven to learn, to design, to create, to fly and to succeed.

With the right motivation, we'll have you in the air and headed toward your first solo in your first semester. It happens that fast. To learn more about the most respected aviation degree program in the industry, contact us today.