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Aeronautical Science Department

The Aeronautical Science Department prepares graduates for rewarding careers in many segments of the commercial aviation industry and in government. We consistently emphasize academic excellence and our program is fully accredited by two accreditation organizations. Our graduates meet all normal requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree. However, because of the composition of our degree program, they possess a far greater knowledge of wide ranging aviation subjects than that required by the FAA, the airlines, or the military. We continuously improve our program and strive to maintain our long held reputation as the premiere aviation program in the world.

Aeronautical Science Degree Program

This degree program has long been one of the University’s flagship degree programs. Much of our reputation has been built upon the quality of our students who graduate with this degree and have had superb careers as commercial and military pilots.

The Aeronautical Science degree program blends flight training with a rigorous academic education in a manner that provides the best possible foundation for a career as a leader in the aviation industry including airlines, corporate, and commercial aviation or the military.

This approach to aviation education gives the students an added value over traditional flight training programs by focusing on the skills and knowledge required by today's industry.

Our curriculum provides for the development of skills in mathematics, physics, communications and aeronautics, including FAA certification as a multi-engine instrument rated airplane pilot or as a helicopter pilot.

The last two years of matriculation include extensive professional level Aeronautical Science and flight courses that prepare the graduate for a career as a professional pilot, including airline flight crew operations in multi-crew member jet transport aircraft or in various segments of the corporate helicopter industry.

Critical thinking and problem solving skills are developed via computer simulations in aircraft performance, navigation, and aircraft systems operation. Effective resource management, human factors, and safety awareness are constantly emphasized throughout the curriculum. Courses in aircraft systems round out the student’s education.

Aircraft Dispatcher Certification is also available at the Prescott campus and can be included as an elective course in the student’s senior year. This program is an approved dispatcher curriculum under Part 65 of the Federal Aviation Regulations (14 CFR 65). Dispatcher preparation is based on the successful completion of the required courses and the applicable prerequisites and authorization by the instructor for AS410 to sit for the Aircraft Dispatcher practical examination. Students will be required to take courses in Instrument Pilot Operations, Aeronautics, Navigation, Meteorology, and Dispatch Operations.


In addition to the University's accreditation by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (SACS), the Aeronautical Science Degree, housed in the Department of Aeronautical Sciences, is accredited under the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI).