Prescott Campus


Graduation information

You must complete the following steps in preparation for graduation:
Complete an Application for Degree Completion.

It is recommended that your application be submitted early in the semester prior to your expected completion. This will allow time to make required schedule adjustments for the upcoming semester and to process any required documents for a smooth completion process.

Please check the class schedule book for the application deadline. If you have questions regarding the degree completion process, consult your Advisor, Program Chair, or an Evaluator in the Records Office.

Applications for Degree Completion at the Prescott Campus are to be submitted to the Records Office.

Ceremony attendance

At this time the University holds two Prescott Campus commencement ceremonies per year - Spring and Fall. All students who participate in graduation must have successfully completed, or be enrolled in, all the requirements for their degrees, including flight.

If you are a Worldwide Campus student who wishes to participate in the Prescott graduation ceremony, we welcome your attendance. However, you must apply for graduation through your WW Registrar, noting on the application they provide that you are attending our ceremony. They will notify us and we will send you all pertinent information.