Residence Halls

residence halls

Mingus Mountain Complex

Mingus complexLocated near AxFab and Earhart's Dining Hall, Mingus Mountain houses first-year students. The First-Year Experience program is designed to help first-year students with the transition to college on academic, social, and educational levels. Staff are trained to handle first-year transitional issues. These three-story buildings have 3 double occupancy bedroom suites with a common living room/kitchenette and two bathrooms. 

Thumb Butte Complex Apartments

Thumb Butte apartmentsLocated near the Inter-Collegiate Soccer field and just a short walk from Earhart's Dining Hall and classes, the Thumb Butte Apartments are designed and staffed specifically for Upper-Division and Transfer Students. This three-story building was finished in the Summer of 2016 and offers some of the best views of campus and the surrounding area. 

Thumb Butte Complex Suites

Thumb Butte Suites

The Thumb Butte Complex, located on the south end of campus, houses First-Year, Transfer, and Upper-Division Students. Each of the four halls houses approximately 30-45 students who share a community lounge and kitchen. The largest bedrooms on campus; two or three students share each room, each of which includes a private bathroom with two sinks, toilet, and shower. All rooms are furnished with beds, desks, desk chairs, dressers, one wardrobe, and a mini-refrigerator.

Village Complex Apartments

Village Complex apartmentsLocated near the gym and intramural field and just a short walk from Earhart's Dining Hall and classes, the Village Apartments are designated for Upper-Division and Transfer Students exclusively. Saguaro (Hall 8) and Granite Mountain (Hall 10) contain Village Apartments only, while Juniper (Hall 6) and Dells (Hall 9) offer both Village Apartments and Suites. 

Village Complex Double Suites

Village Complex suitesLocated near the gym and Intramural fields and just a short walk from Earhart's Dining Hall and classes, the Village Suites in Juniper (Hall 6), Manzanita (Hall 7), and Dells (Hall 9) are designated for First-year, Transfer, and Upper-Division Students. Manzanita Hall consists of Village Suites only, while Juniper and Dells Halls include both Village Suites and Village Apartments.