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Drive Carefully, Park Thoughtfully. It’s All We Ask. 

The purpose of our traffic and parking rules are to protect the safety of all persons on the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Prescott Campus and to support the University’s efforts to provide a productive learning community.

  • Pedestrians have the Right of Way.

  • The speed limit in all parking lots is 5 mph.

  • The speed limit on campus roads is either 25 or 15 mph as marked.

  • Please abide by all temporary traffic controls, Safety Officer instructions, or hand signals.

  • Motorized vehicles may be driven only on paved surfaces and parked only in marked spaces surfaces.

  • Bicycling, skate boarding, and rollerblading is allowed outdoors.

  • Bicycling, skate boarding, and rollerblading is not allowed indoors.

  • Every student, faculty, staff member, or contractor operating a vehicle on campus must have the appropriate parking permit properly displayed on their vehicle.

  • Store valued items out of sight or in the trunk.

  • If you have a handicapped placard or license plate you may park in any handicapped space on campus regardless your parking permit type.

  • A current, properly displayed ERAU vehicle registration decal allows you to park in designated parking lots, according to the type of registration

  • Employee decals (BLUE) may park in Lots A1, H, K, L, N, or X.

  • Commuter Student (YELLOW) or Employee (BLUE)decals may park in Lots B, C, D, E, F, F Overflow, and G.

  • Resident Student (GREEN) decals may park in Lots F, I, J, M, M1, N, and O.

  • Parking Lots F, Q, R, S, and T may be used by any ERAU permit holder.

  • You may motorcycles and scooters (SILVER) in marked motorcycle spaces in any parking lot 

  • If you wish to leave a registered vehicle on University property for an extended period please register at the Safety & Security office in Building 14.

  • Vehicle maintenance, such as oil changes, mechanical work, or body repair, is not allowed on the campus.

  • Vehicles or vehicle parts may not be taken into any University building for storage, cleaning, or repair.

  • The storage of wheels, tires, vehicle maintenance equipment is not permitted in parking lots or in adjacent landscaping.

  • Vehicles that are deemed abandoned on campus may be removed at the owner’s expense.

  • Parking of RVs on campus may be approved for brief family visits by registering with the Safety & Security Office (Building 14).  Otherwise, no person may sleep in or remain overnight in any vehicle on University property.

  • Temporary parking of trailers on campus may be approved for moving in or moving out by speaking with the Safety & Security Office.

  • Due to the number of available parking spaces we are unable to accommodate storage of personal trailers on campus.

  • Please lock your bicycles only to the bicycle racks provided by the University.

  • Bicycles attached to any other University property, such as hand rails, furniture, trees, piping or conduit, may be subject to removal at the owner’s expense.

  • Unregistered bicycles that are locked to bicycle racks at the end of Spring semester will be removed by cutting the lock and after 30 days disposed of.

  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University assumes no liability for damage to or theft of any vehicle or its contents; for loss of any article of personal property; or for injury or death of persons in vehicle accidents while on University property.

  • Only licensed and registered street legal motor vehicles may be operated on University property.

  • To park on property that is owned, leased or otherwise controlled by the University please register your vehicle(s) at

  • Registration decals for students and contractors are valid for one year beginning September 15th of each year. Employee permits are valid for two years.

  • Residential students will pay the full permit fee for each vehicle they choose to have on campus.

  • Employees, contractors, and commuting students may register additional vehicles at no extra cost so long as they are operated on campus only by you.

  • If you have first registered a motorcycle for $30.00, and then wish to register an auto/truck, you will be asked to pay the additional $60.00 difference.

  • Display your temporary permit (printed as part of the online registration process) on the dashboard and visible from outside your vehicle until you affix your permanent parking decal.

  • Affix your vehicle registration decal to the outside of your window so that it is visible on the lower left rear window of all vehicles.

  • If your vehicle has a convertible, soft, or removable top, or is a pickup with a topper please affix the decal on the driver side of your front windshield on the outside of the glass.

  • Affix your decal to motorcycles and scooters in a visible position on a front fork.

  • As of the 2016-2017 school year bicycles must be registered using the online registration tool

  • Bicycle permits are free and do not expire.

  • Affix your bicycle permit (WHITE) with the number visible on the seat support tube or a front fork.

  • ERAU registration decals are not transferable from one individual to another or from one vehicle to another.

  • If your permit is stolen, lost, or damaged you may apply at Campus Safety and Security, Building 14, for a replacement at no additional cost. If possible, return any fragmentary portions of damaged permits when you apply for a replacement permit.

  • Temporary vehicle permits for visitors, guests, and vendors on campus for the day are available at the Office of Campus Safety and Security, Building 14.

  • A Temporary Handicapped Parking pass for a medical need may be requested from the Wellness Center at no cost.

  • Registration does not guarantee the availability of a parking space in a particular lot.

Vehicle Type Fee
Auto/Truck $100.00
Motorcycle/Moped $40.00
Bicycle No Charge

The cost of a student vehicle registration decal will be charged directly to the student’s account.

Twenty year employees may contact HR to arrange for a waiver of registration fees.

Non-ERAU employees, ROTC staff, and vendor’s employees pay the annual fee at the Accounting office in Building 38 and bring their receipt to the Campus Safety & Security Office, Building 14, in order to receive their permit.

Fees for permits purchased during the school year shall be pro-rated as follows:

Semester Proration
Fall Semester 100% of the fee
Spring Semester 50%
Summer Session 25
  • Other Power Driven Mobility Devices may be used indoors by persons who have been authorized by the Disability Support Services (DSS) Coordinator or the Wellness Center.

  • OPDMD require no permit.

  • Please park your OPDMD so that it does not block egress or access.

  • You may store your OPDMD in your residence hall room so long as it does not create a fire/safety hazard.

  • ERAU employees and staff may operate University motor vehicles (vans, cars, trucks) after meeting APPM requirements.

  • Operating other motorized equipment such as golf carts, gators, mules, quads, and other utility vehicles is authorized after the staff member has completed the relevant training process.

  • You are personally responsible for any violation, injury, or damage to University property attributed to your vehicle regardless of who is operating the vehicle.

  • Citations will be placed on your vehicle or may be mailed to you after the violation occurs, depending on the circumstances of the violation.

  • Vehicles without a current University vehicle registration decal and/or repeat violators may be immobilized.

  • The immobilizer (“Boot”) will be removed after the vehicle has been properly registered and/or all outstanding permit fees and citation fines are paid.

  • A vehicles may be towed from campus if it is parked in a fire lane, blocking a fire hydrant, blocking other vehicles or pedestrian crosswalks, blocking access to a dumpster or loading areas, is judged abandoned, or constitutes a hazard. 

  • Vehicles are towed at the sole expense of the owner/operator of the vehicle.

  • Repeat offenses may result in the assessment of the following additional fines:

  • First ticket = fine for the violation.

  • Second ticket = fine for the violation + $25.

  • Third tickets = fine for the violation + $50.

  • Fourth ticket = fine for the violation + boot immobilization fee of $50 and an immobilizer will be applied until accounts are settled. 

  • Additional citations may result in revocation of parking/driving privileges for the remainder of the term or for the academic year.

  • Alter/Destroy/Unregistered Permit $90
  • Altered Handicapped Permit $100
  • Blocking Crosswalk $20
  • Blocking Fire Hydrant $20
  • Boot Immobilization $50
  • Careless Driving $30
  • Disobeying Safety Officer $20
  • Disregarded Reserved Sign $50
  • Driving Off Roadway $100
  • Expired Permit $90
  • Failed to Stop $20
  • Fire Lane Parking $40
  • Handicapped Parking $100
  • Improper Display of Permit $35
  • Improper Parking $20
  • Moved Cone or Barricade $40
  • No Permit $90
  • Parking in Visitors Only space $50
  • Parking Prohibited Sign $50
  • Reckless Driving/Willful Damage $50
  • Unauthorized Parking Lot $50
  • If you are a student fines will be charged to your student account at the Cashier’s office.
  • Employees and contractors may pay their fines at the Accounting office in Bldg. 38 within thirty (30) days.
  • Failure of employees or contractors to pay their fine within thirty (30) days may result in their supervisor (or employer in the case of contractors) being notified of the delinquent charge.
  • If a faculty/staff fine remains unpaid after your supervisor brings it to your attention, you may be subject to additional corrective action, including revocation of on campus parking privileges. 

  •  If you misplace your citation, you may obtain a copy from the Safety & Security office.

  • You may appeal your traffic or parking citation in writing within ten (10) University business days of the date on the citation. 

  •  After ten (10) business days all charges for citations are final.

  • Prepared as a Word document attachment or included in the body of an email

  • Name of complainant

  • Ticket number

  • Date and the location of the violation

  • Nature of the violation as stated on your citation

  • Brief explanation of the violation

  • Explanation of the reason you should be excused for this violation

  • Appeals must be addressed to the Director of Campus Safety & Security at 

  • The Director will respond to your appeal within ten (10) business days after receipt of your completed appeal submission.

  • If you are not satisfied with the Director’s decision you may request a hearing with the Citation Appeals Review Board of the Traffic & Parking Committee.

  • Meetings of the Citation Appeals Review Board will be scheduled as needed.

  • Traffic and parking fines need to be paid prior to the release of student records, diplomas, and certificates, or to register or activate schedules for any succeeding semester or term.

If you inadvertently received a citation during your visit please give the citation to your host or leave it at the Building 41 Visitor Center front desk so that it may be voided. Thank you!


Drive Carefully, Park Thoughtfully.
It’s All We Ask...

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